License Agreement

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions of this End-user License Agreement (gAgreementh) of PAICS. If you do not accept any of the words stated below, you are not permitted to use this copyrighted material.

(Grant of License)
Article 1.
1. PAICS (gProgramh) is copyrighted software developed by Takeshi Ishikawa (gAuthorh). This Program is available to use for anyone at no cost provided that the terms and conditions of this Agreement are strictly observed.
2. The Author of the Program will not exercise the right to make the work public or the right to preserve the integrity as long as all the terms and conditions of this Agreement are fully satisfied, except where the Author considers that the Program is used in a way to defame the Author, or injure the Authorfs reputation.
3. The Program is not permitted to use for commercial purposes.
4. Sublicensing the Program to a third party is not allowed. You may add modifications to the Program, but note that no modified Program shall be sublicensed or distributed to any third party.
5. Any thesis or report created by using this Program, a modified version of this Program or results of applying this Program, whether original or modified, shall have the following wording in its list of references.
Theoretical study of the prion protein based on the fragment molecular orbital method, Takeshi Ishikawa, Takakazu Ishikura, and Kazuo Kuwata, J. Comput. Chem., 30 (2009) 2594|2601
6. Notwithstanding the preceding two paragraphs, if the Author determines at his sole discretion that the Program is being used for any criminal or military purposes, or involved with terrorist activities of any kind or for the purpose of attacking specific companies or individuals, or interfering with business activities of any company or organization, or any other activities which are inappropriate for maintaining public order and safety, the Author is entitled to, at any time, cancel or terminate the grant of license of to the user without any compensation.
(Copyright Ownership)
Article 2.
The copyright of the Program is held by Takeshi Ishikawa. The user acknowledges that the copyright of the Program is solely held by Takeshi Ishikawa and agrees not to make any claim to the contrary.
(Compliance with Agreement)
Article 3.
Even if a court order or a judgment contradicts with any of the terms of this Agreement, the user is not released from the obligations stipulated under this Agreement. In the event that compliance with the court order or the judgment will eventually lead to a violation of this Agreement, the user will have no option but to terminate the use of the Program.
Article 4.
The Author disclaims warranties of any kind (including but not limited to merchantability, availability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-existence of defects). The decision to use the Program was made by the user independently and the user shall assume all risks that may arise from the use of the Program.
(Waiver of Responsibility)
Article 5.
The Author assumes no risk and shall be subject to no liability for damages or loss (including, without limitation, special, non-special, consequential, indirect damages) that may arise from or in connection with any use of the Program by the user. The Author is not liable for loss of data, functional impairment or failure on computer systems or software that the user might incur. Any and all problems resulting from the use of the Program shall be solved by the user at its expense.
Article 6.
The Author may at any time modify or change the terms and conditions of this Agreement without prior or post notification to the user. The user will be deemed to have accepted the modification or change should the use of the Program continues after such modification or change. If the user does not agree with such modification or change, the user may be relieved of the rights and obligations specified under this Agreement by terminating the use of the Program.